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Riken Keiki GW-3

Riken Keiki GW-3

The Riken Keiki GW-3 ultra small single gas detector weighs only 45 grams, making it the lightest single gas detector in our range.

A reliable, portable single-gas detector that measures concentrations of toxic gases and oxygen in the atmosphere, it sounds an alarm if a gas is released. Its compact design and customizable transport options make it a practical choice for safety-conscious professionals and suitable for many industries, including refineries, chemical plants and hazardous waste sites.

Five models are available to detect different gases: O2, O2+CO combination, H2S, CO and hydrogen resistant CO. As standard, the GW-3 comes with an alligator clip for attaching to work clothing but other wearing options are also possible, such as an elastic band for the upper arm or a watch strap for the wrist.

Key features

  • Smart interchangeable sensors
  • Measures a wide range of toxic gases
  • Extremely small and light (approx. 45 grams)
  • 250 hours of continuous use
  • Acoustic/Visual/Vibration Alarms
  • Data logging as standard
  • CR2450 lithium ion cell battery
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