In partnership with BaSystemen, Swiss Environmental Solutions is pleased to present a wide range of gas detectors suitable for all solutions.

The importance of gas detectors in preventing industrial accidents and protecting workers cannot be underestimated. Ensuring safety in the workplace is crucial, especially when dealing with hazardous gases. In partnership with BaSystemen, we offer a complete range of gas detectors, from simple portable single gas detectors to multi-gas detectors like the very popular GX-3R from Riken Keiki. We also supply specialty gas detectors and PID meters, including the high-performance MiniRAE 3000+ PID meter, with highly accurate VOC measurements.

When selecting a gas detector, it is essential to consider the following factors: the types of gases you need to monitor, the environment, and specific safety requirements.

1. Wireless gas detection

Wireless gas detection offers great flexibility compared to wired systems and significantly reduces engineering time and costs as well as installation costs. It allows rapid detection of toxic gases and improves personnel safety and monitoring of remote areas that are generally very difficult to access.

In emergencies and accidents, time is critical, wireless systems enable rapid gas detection and minimize response time.


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2. Single-gas detection

Single-gas detection is the ideal solution if you need to detect the presence of a particular type of gas.

Among other gas instruments, you will find here the WatchGas SST1 which is ATEX certified, as well as single gas detection instruments combined with MESH connectivity, such as the ToxiRAE Pro CO2, ToxiRAE Pro EC and ToxiRAE Pro LEL. The ToxiRAE Pro PID can also be optionally equipped with MESH connectivity.


WatchGas SST1
WatchGas PDM
WatchGas PDM+
ToxiRAE Pro CO2
ToxiRAE Pro EC
WatchGas UNI Sustainable
Riken Keiki GW-3
Riken Keiki NP-1000


3. Multi-gas detection

Portable multigas detectors are essential safety devices worn by individuals working in environments where multiple gases need simultaneous monitoring. Whether in confined spaces or areas with potential gas risks, these detectors provide audible, visual, and vibrating alarms to alert users.

MicroRAE Wireless 4-Gas Detector
Riken Keiki GX-3R
Riken Keiki GX-3R Pro Portable 5-Gas Monitor
QRAE 3 Wireless 4-Gas Detector
MultiRAE Lite
MultiRAE Pro
WatchGas POLI Pumped Multi-Gas Detector
WatchGas QGM Infrared
WatchGas QGM Catalytic
Riken Keiki GX-6000
Riken Keiki GX-9000


4. Gas leak detection

Gas leak detectors continuously monitor the environment for gas leaks and quickly alert occupants or workers by sounding an alarm when gas concentrations exceed safe levels.

Gas leaks pose significant risks, whether it is an explosive gas like methane or a toxic gas.


Riken Keiki SP-220 SC


5. PID meters

A photoionization detector (PID) is an essential tool for assessing risks from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In many scenarios, a PID meter is the ideal choice for tasks such as environmental monitoring, workplace safety and leak detection. These detectors work by quantifying VOCs and other gases in the air, providing real-time data. They find applications in a variety of areas, including industrial facilities, environmental monitoring efforts, hazardous materials handling, indoor air quality assessments, and even agriculture.


UltraRAE 3000 + Benzene Specific Gas Detector


6. Special Gas detection

Special gas detection involves the use of advanced sensors and detectors to identify specific gases in various environments. Over time, technology has evolved to improve gas detection capabilities and make it possible to detect gases that were once difficult to identify. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding health and the environment.


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7. Movable Gas detection

Mobile gas detection falls between fixed and wireless gas detection systems. They are compact, lightweight and can be easily carried or moved to different locations. Unlike personal detectors, which are typically wireless and worn by individuals, mobile detectors offer greater flexibility than permanently installed systems. They find applications in various scenarios including sewers, factories, industrial hygiene assessments, boiler rooms and fire-affected areas.


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