Water is the fundamental condition for all life on earth. It is an essential part of the natural balance. Water is the basic chemical component for organisms, living space, solvents, and - via its aggregate states - energy carrier.

Rivers and lakes provide drinking water, shape the landscape, and form habitats for animals and plants. They also provide recreational space and are tourist destinations. They also provide the economic basis for activities such as power generation and are used for cooling and heating purposes.

Environmental Express provides a complete spectrum of laboratory equipment and consumables for water and wastewater analytics.


COD Test
Environmental Express MicroVials provide quality COD test results at savings for your laboratory. Using MicroVials for COD analysis is quick and easy.

Distillation Systems
Environmental Express offers a variety of distillation products and distillation systems for Cyanide and Ammonia chemical analysis.

BOD Testing
From the pre-measured SimpleWater Nutrient Buffer Solution to one-of-a-kind disposable BOD bottles, our products prove to be efficient and cost-effective.

Oil and Grease EPA 1664
Environmental Express saves you time and simplifies EPA Method 1664 for Oil and Grease analysis. Their systems offered for Oil and Grease analysis include SPE-Express 2, StepSaver, and QuikVap.

pH and Electrochemistry

Extensive selection of electrochemical meters, probes, electrodes, test kits, buffers, and standards for water testing
pH/Ion Laboratory Electrodes
pH/Ion Industrial Electrodes
Conductivity Electrodes
DO and BOD Probes
Ion Selective Electrodes
Benchtop Meters And Kits
Portable Meters and Kits
Pocket Testers
Buffers, Standards and Calibration Solutions

Solids Testing

ProWeigh Filters
Original ProWeigh Filters TSS/VSS
ProWeigh Double Weigh Filters For TSS/VSS
Washed And Dried Filters
Unprepared Filters
Universal Solids Standard
Total Dissolved Solids | StableWeigh For TDS


Metals digestion equipment
Digestion tubes and Accessories
Low Level Metals Supplies
Metals Digestion Filtration



Ion Chromatography


Water is the foundation of life.

In-Situ develops instrumentation and software designed to simplify and improve water monitoring. Innovative solutions of In-Situ enable customers to easily collect, access and manage high-quality water monitoring and control data.


Environmental sensors
Multiparameter sondes
Process sensors
Drinking and wastewater analyzers
Process handheld and portables
Water level meters