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Riken Keiki NP-1000

Riken Keiki NP-1000

The Riken Keiki NP-1000 is a portable hydrogen-specific gas detector that is very easy to use with its small size and lightweight. The device has a large, intuitive display and powerful backlight. The data logging function allows the internal storage of data. When measuring with a sampling hose, the NP-1000 has a pump boost mode to draw in sufficient air (up to 30 m).

To remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or silicone, optional filters can be used with the standard gas sampling probe. These gases normally damage this type of catalytic sensor.

The NP-1000 is a version calibrated specifically for hydrogen in the range of 0 to 10 volume percent or 0 to 100 volume percent. This gas detector is ideal in fuel cell environments, hydrogen fueling stations or electrolyzers and many other hydrogen-related applications.

They work with 4 alkaline batteries that allow continuous operation for up to 20 hours. The device comes standard with a 0.75 m hose and a measuring probe.

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