CASELLA is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of occupational hygiene and environmental monitoring equipment. Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational and environmental health risks through effective monitoring solutions. Casella offers smart and easy-to-use solutions for monitoring noise, dust, and vibration. Casella's continuing innovation and training support ensure the next generation has the latest technology and expertise to aid health risk measurement.

Swiss Environmental Solutions is an exclusive distributor of Casella industrial hygiene and environmental monitoring equipment for Switzerland.

Air Sampling

Air sampling is used to measure an individual’s exposure to a harmful substance in the air such as dust and vapors, which is then compared to an exposure limit. Personal air sampling pumps are used with sampling accessories and media (filters and tubes) to collect the substance, which can then be sent to a laboratory for analysis. This will then give an 8-hour exposure value. Real-time dust monitors are also available to give instantaneous dust levels, which will show when exposure occurred and a dust level in real-time.


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Trolex - CSL Online

TROLEX is a pioneering safety technology company that has been protecting workers globally for over 60 years. Their dust detection monitoring devices are easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and competitively priced.

Swiss Environmental Solutions is an exclusive distributor of Trolex for Switzerland and some Eastern European countries.

Dust detection and monitoring

Dust in the air can indeed cause various problems and hazards. As a result, it is advisable to collect regular air samples in environments where dust could be an issue. Trolex’s personal dust monitors, such as the XD1+, require minimal maintenance and guarantee proper protection for your employees, ensuring that permissible exposure levels are never surpassed.





Zefon INTERNATIONAL, a member of Environmental Express, is a manufacturer and supplier of sampling equipment used to monitor indoor environmental, occupational health, and safety conditions. Zefon offers an extensive selection of air sampling equipment and pumps.

Air quality monitoring is a crucial aspect of maintaining health and avoiding respiratory illnesses. By taking long-term assessments of contaminant levels, professionals can measure the extent of pollution and inform the public. They can also use the air quality measurements to analyze or alter current regulatory standards.

You can apply high-quality Zefon International products during air quality monitoring activities. From sampling pumps to calibration tools, Zefon leading equipment will help you make accurate and safe readings. For instance, you can use calibration equipment to ensure your air pump functions correctly. Calibration tools display the pump's proper flow rate, leading to correct air calculations.

With excellent measurement tools like Zefon's, you can ensure your air quality analysis is precise. Zefon products are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Swiss Environmental Solutions is an official distributor of Environmental Express Zefon products for indoor air sampling and surface pollutions sampling equipment for Switzerland.


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