Soil is a limited, ecologically and economically valuable non-renewable resource. Along with water and air, it is essential for life. Soil is the topmost weathering layer of the Earth's crust. It consists of mineral particles, humus, water, air and living organisms. The soil regulates the natural cycles of water, air, and organic and mineral matter. It filters and purifies water, stores and breaks down substances and is therefore a vital link in the constant flow of energy and matter throughout the Earth's entire ecosystem. Soil protection is a recognised social mission. To carry out this mission effectively and in time, the institutional framework required to ensure effective soil protection needs to be improved and endowed with financial and human resources.

Soils are exposed to multiple point and diffuse chemical stresses. Various measures at the source are intended to reduce these so that soil fertility is not impaired. The following pollutants are the main focus of monitoring and reducing soil pollution:

    • Pesticides
    • Fertilizers
    • Antibiotics
    • Heavy metals
    • Persistent organic pollutants

(Source: BAFU)


Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, also known as TCLP testing, is used to ensure the safety of the environment when depositing potentially hazardous materials. TCLP testing becomes extremely crucial when businesses, corporations, manufacturers and others are disposing of wastes into the environment. This testing procedure verifies whether or not specific measures need to be taken if handling certain substances.

TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) was first promulgated in 1990. Since the method's inception Environmental Express has offered a complete line of supplies to properly conduct the analysis.

TCLP Equipment and Supplies

Bottles and Jars
Standards and Solutions
Leachate Equipment
Rotators and Rotator Replacement Parts
Sampling Bags for TCLP
TCLP Syringes for Volatile Sample Collection
TCLP Filters
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