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Environmental Solutions



The ToxiRAE Pro LEL portable single-gas detector is specially designed for environments with a risk of flammable gases. It is one of the few single gas detectors on the market to support a LEL sensor. It has a catalytic LEL sensor capable of detecting many flammable gases, including hydrogen (H2). The device has an extensive built-in gas library with over 55 correction factors for improved accuracy allowing users to measure these different gases reliably.

Optional MESH wireless connectivity provides real-time lower explosive limit (LEL) data directly to a central receiver such as the Echoview Host. It is an ideal tool for accelerating decision-making and visualizing data from a centralized location. Compact in design, the ToxiRAE Pro LEL also features a clearly visible yellow rubber coating to prevent damage from drops.

Key Features

  • Provides results as a percentage of the lower explosive limit (LEL)
  • The ToxiRAE Pro LEL has the most comprehensive integrated gas library in its class
  • Includes 55 built-in correction factors
  • The monitor is water, dust and shock resistant
  • Compatible with AutoRAE 2
  • Fully automated bump testing and calibration using AutoRAE 2
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