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WatchGas PDM

WatchGas PDM

The WatchGas PDM is a reliable single-gas detector designed for hazardous areas.

Highly reliable and user-friendly, the PDM Single Gas Detector is your daily hazardous area monitoring and the most cost-effective way to ensure safety. It operates maintenance-free for up to two years (24 months) and operates continuously until the end of the 24 months. Meanwhile, there is no need to charge the device or replace the sensor, which means high reliability and no downtime.

The WatchGas PDM is a lightweight model in bright orange color. The back of the device has a sturdy metal alligator clip for attaching the monitor to a belt, helmet, or elsewhere. The device can be used in combination with the WatchGas docking station for 1 or 4 devices.

The most recent 30 events are stored and can be played back via a PC. You can also calibrate or test the WatchGas PDM without a docking station. The large PDM dock automatically calibrates four devices simultaneously (up to 12 devices per minute).

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