Undisturbed Wet Soil Sampler

This sampler is for obtaining undisturbed samples in water-saturated materials and retains the sample inside a removable soft clear plastic tube using a plastic sample retainer (split-finger) one-way valve.

The sampler is made from stainless steel tube with a threaded removable nose piece and is easily pushed in by hand.

The plastic sample retaining valve is reusable and the soft clear plastic tubing is easily sealed for sample transportation, gives a clear view of the sample, and is easy to cut open for access.

Both the consumable components are inexpensive.

The ID of the sample retaining valve is 34mm. The clear plastic tubing is available in 35mm or 45mm diameters.  The 35mm size gives a true sample representation and the 44mm size allows the fluid samples to expand by 30% thus enabling a 30% deeper sample depth to be collected in the same sampler.

Options: Length; Number of liners and retainers.

Item code UWS