Swivel type operates using a ball valve and has a swivel fitting in the top that attaches to extension rods.  This helps when emptying the sludger.  On the sizes 50mm and over the swivel fitting has a rope loop on the other end of the threaded connection so can operate with rope or with extension rods.  The smaller sizes need a threaded Rope Loop sold separately.

This swivel type sludger gives the benefit of both the SLR type and the SLW type in one unit and has the extra benefit of being easier to empty.

Available in 38mm, 45mm, 50mm, 62mm, 70mm, and 75mm.  Also available with a threaded removable ball valve for better cleaning.  Is also available made from stainless steel.

Options: Size; length, Rope loop, and length of rope, removable ball valve, made from stainless steel.

Item Code SLS