Piston Sampler (Surface Type)

As the stainless steel tube is pushed down using downforce on the Casing Clamp (supplied) as well as the downforce created by pulling on the rope attached to the piston and passing over the pulley mounted to the top of the sampler tube, the piston is pulled up the tube sucking in the sample into the tube.

When the depth of the sample is reached the rope is secured and the tube is pulled out of the hole.

The length of the sampler tube is directly related to the depth of the sample plus 450mm for mounting the clamp and the pulley.

The sample is discharged by either pushing the piston with a rod or by removing the piston through the top and shaking the sample out into core trays (not supplied) or into the short removable sleeve supplied with the sampler. Available in 50mm, 62mm & 75mm OD and in lengths to suit (usually up to 3.5 meters).

The manual force required to break the suction of the tube in the wet mud and the weight of the sample restricts the length and diameter that can be sampled.

Re-sampling in the same hole is usually not possible due to the collapsing of the hole. Choose as small a sampler as is possible for your need.

Options: Size; Length; Spare O-rings.