Bennett Sample Pump

Submersible Piston Pump

U.S. Patent No. 4295801 Canadian Patent nos. 1166075 & 1187331
• Portable and dedicated units
• Pumping lifts-0 to 1000 feet
• Infinitely variable flow rates
• 1.4 inch & 1.8 inch diameter pumps
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Compressed air or bottled gas-operated
• Reels, tube bundles & well casing caps for complete portable & dedicated systems

Bennett Sample Pumps have automatic reciprocating piston motors, operated by compressed air, that generates power for operating a double-acting, piston fluid pump.

Models for lifts up to 500 feet have one motor piston; Models for lifts up to 1000 feet have two motor pistons, providing increased power for operating the pump. All models have a different ratio between the motor pistons and the pump to accomplish lifts using low-pressure air from small compressors.

Bennett Pumps may be operated in any position from horizontal to vertical. These pumps will operate submerged to great depths or above water with a drop tube attached to the fluid inlet.

Bennett Sample Pumps may be used as portable units, capable of sampling multiple boreholes or used in dedicated well systems. They are constructed to permit easy disassembly in the field for cleaning and replacement of pump seals and valves, using ordinary tools. Repair kits containing all parts for re-conditioning the pump are available.

The pump body, piston, and piston rod are made of stainless steel.