Special Samplers

We have several special-purpose samplers that can do what the normal
sampling augers can’t do, and some are for specific sampling requirements. 

These tend to fall into 2 general categories, wet sediment sampling or dry soil core sampling. Some of these sediment samplers can be used below water and we have other equipment that is used with a casing which is shown in a separate section of our website for that, see “Below the Water Table”.

A person’s strength limits what can be achieved when doing this type of sampling because of soil friction and sediment suction.

We have a Slide Hammer to drive some samplers in but it is not recommended to hammer the samplers back out because it transfers all the forces onto the threads on the connections.  The T-handle is for pulling the sampler out.

There is also a zone between what is best sampled with a normal hand auger and what needs a wet sediment sampler that either sampler has trouble with.

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